Pretty Patios

It’s definitely spring in Vancouver and we’ve been blessed with some beautiful weather during the last week. I may be biased but Vancouver is the most gorgeous city and I’ve you’ve never visited you’re missing out on something amazing! The sun was shining and it was close to 20 degrees – the perfect start to patio season! My fiancĂ© and I love to spend time on our patio, drinking tea in the morning, having dinner and enjoying some refreshing drinks while watching the sun set. Our recent move (into a condo) has challenged us to design a pretty patio so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find some inspiration! I believe that just because a space is small doesn’t mean it needs to lack style and these pretty patios are living proof!
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International Women’s Day

Welcome to Pearls and Lace! In the
spirit of celebrating and inspiring
women, I thought today would be a wonderful day to start something new in my life. Although I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a while, the motivational words from this years International Women’s Day inspired me to put my dreams into action.

With spring just around the corner I find myself bursting with creativity; it seems as though everywhere I look I find inspiration for my home, fashion and life. I love drawing inspiration from the different seasons and spring’s sense of rejuvenation is one of my favorite. I look forward to sharing all the things that I love with others!